Evaluering med deltagere fra fem Nordiske lande af Europarådets undervisningsmateriale “Teaching Controversial Issues” for Nordisk Ministerråd, 2017

LEARN|RIGHT is specialized in advice, implementation and evaluation of education projects with human rights as both our goal and method.

We strive for the development and dissemination of a human rights based pedagogy that strengthens peoples participation and empowerment in a democratic society based on the respect for human rights. Read more about our mission and values.

We offer:

  • Advise to schools, local governments, educational institutions, NGOs, etc.
  • Course and workshop development, facilitation and evaluation.
  • Development of teaching materials, manuals, e-learning and curricula.
  • Training of Trainers.
  • Strategic planning, programme and project management and evaluation

We are a small company but cooperate with a broad professional network of partners we can engage with, if need arises.