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LEARN|RIGHT ønsker at bidrage til at udvikle og udbrede en menneskerettighedsbaseret pædagogik, der har til formål at styrke deltagernes handlekraft i et demokratisk samfund baseret på respekt for menneskerettighederne. Denne vision er funderet i vores mission og værdier.


LEARN|RIGHT is specialized in advice, implementation and evaluation of education projects with human rights as both our goal and method. This means: ⇒ That we use the standards, that the states …


LEARN|RIGHT’s core values guide us in our planning as well ad in our choice of methods. Our values represent a wish to work in a fashion that is coherent with …

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Teaching materiale: Outside

An interdisciplinary teaching material on freedom, trust and freedom in a multicultural and diverse schoolyard.

The Civic Education Toolbox

The Civic Education Toolbox provides tools to citizenship education at primary school level. The material strengthens students and teachers in the fields of Rights; Co-responsibility, Community; Equality, Democracy; Participation.

Children’s Rights in the Education Process

A teaching material developed for teachers in the Belarusian upper secondary schools. Here the teachers can find knowledge, activities and planning tools to incorporate all principles of UNs Convention on the Rights of the Child in the learning environment and the form and contents of their classes across all subjects.

Put Children’s Rights on the Agenda

This is a teaching material developed for teachers of the youngest and middle age groups of Greenland’s primary schools. It presents knowledge, activities and planning tools to introduce children to all corners of the UNs Child Rights Convention.

The Human Rights Education Toolbox

A practitioners guide to planning and managing human rights education is designed to aid educators, human rights and development practitioners working to promote human rights through education. The toolbox provides concrete tools to practitioners on planning, implementing and evaluating human rights education.