• Nye tider – Nye muligheder: Uddannelse indledes med e-læring
    De nye tider med COVID-19 har ikke kun givet bekymringer verden rundt, men også været grobund for nytænkning. Da både Grønland og Danmark lukkede ned i foråret, tog det os ikke lang tid at nytænke forsvarernes grunduddannelse, så vi sammen med landsforsvareren kunne starte introduktionsmodulet til tiden i april ved at indlede med e-læring, der kan gennemføres sammen hver for sig og afslutte […]
  • First group on blended-learning education ready to defend their clients
     LEARN|RIGHT congratulates the first group of criminal defenders who has passed their exam on the new education. We have assisted the National Defender in Greenland in the process with the development of a curriculum and the planning and implementation of the education through an online learning management system with weekly e-learning topics in between the face to face courses in […]
  • (Dansk) Ny Kredsdommeruddannelse i luften
    Sorry, this entry is only available in Danish. […]
  • LEARN|RIGHT take part in presenting new learning material at The People’s Meeting 2019
    Last week LEARN|RIGHT participated in “The festival of democracy” as The People’s Meeting (Folkemødet) taking place on Bornholm, is also known as. The purpose with LEARN|RIGHT participation on Bornholm, was to present the new learning material Left out (Udenfor) and discuss the dilemmas in the movie Little terrorist (Lille terrorist) which LEARN|RIGHT assisted Amondo and Candofilm in developing. […]
  • The criminal defender education has jump-started!
    On January the 19th a whole new class began the Greenlandic criminal defender education and LEARN|RIGHT had the pleasure of greeting them in Nuuk along side with The National Criminal Defender of Greenland. It has been 10 years since the last criminal defender education took place and there has been a high demand for more criminal defenders to cover the criminal cases in this country and its huge […]
  • Online learning platform ready for education of criminal defenders
    From now on will the participants enrolled in the Greenlandic criminal defender education have an online learning platform to support their education. Lately LEARN | RIGHT have been busy with the development of the new online learning platform on behalf of the Greenlandic National Crime Defender. The site is now ready for the new candidates on the criminal defender apprenticeship education. These […]
  • Advise on teaching material on trust, tolerance and freedom
    LEARN | RIGHT has since the spring of 2018 been a sparring partner to the firm Amondo in regard to the development of a teaching material about three values from the Danmarkskanon; trust, tolerance and freedom. Last week LEARN | RIGHT went to Bornholm with Amondo to test the material including an educational movie with a group of elementary teachers, who subsequently will try out the materials in […]
  • Presentation in The Ministry of Education on evaluation of ‘Teaching controversial issues’
    A hectic week columnated yesterday, when LEARN | RIGHT presented the results and recommendations from our evolution of the Nordic pilot programme ‘Teaching controversial issues’ at the Ministry of Education’s development days. We conducted the evaluation last year on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the Danish Ministry of Education participated in the project and has integrated the […]
  • Evaluation workshop on the Greenlandic judge education
    The director of LEARN | RIGHT, Maria Løkke Rasmussen, is travelling to Nuuk facilitate a to-day evaluation workshop on the Greenlandic judge education with participation from the newly graduated candidates and the courts management. The workshop is a part of a evaluation of the judge education, which LEARN | RIGHT is conducting on behalf of the Courts of Greenland. Maria explains, that the […]
  • Congratulations to the graduated judge candidates

    LEARN | RIGHT congratulates the three judge candidates that received their diplomas at a graduation ceremony in Nuuk on the 20th of April. The candidates have passed their final exams of the specially organized 2-year judge education in Greenland to which LEARN | RIGHT has provided pedagogical counselling to the Courts of Greenland since 2016 in regard to development, execution, teaching methods […]
  • The first curriculum for The Criminal Defenders Education in Greenland on the way
    For the first time The Criminal Defenders Education in Greenland has a curriculum to guide the education of new criminal defenders as well as the continuing training of the existing criminal defenders. The criminal defenders in Greenland does not have an education in law, but since the adaptation of the new procedural law in 2010, the criminal defenders have been required to participate in […]
  • Evaluation report on The Nordic Pilot: Teaching Controversial Issues
    In December LEARN | RIGHT presented our evaluation of The Nordic Pilot: Teaching Controversial Issues & Managing Controversy to The Nordic Council of Ministers network on Democracy, Inclusion and Security. In the evaluation we conclude, that the pilot project had indeed contributed to the strengthening of the test school leaders’ & teachers’ personal and professional skills to handle […]
  • Evaluation Workshop with Nordic test schools on Teaching Controversial Issues
    This Tuesday LEARN|RIGHTs director, Maria Løkke Rasmussen, met with 11 Nordic test schools at a workshop in Oslo arranged by the European Wergeland Center, as part of the evaluation of the Pilot test project which we carry out on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Maria facilitated the test school’s reflections on their experiences with applying the Council of Europe’s Teaching & […]
  • Nordic pilot testing of the CoE materials in Helsinki
    The director of LEARN | RIGHT, Maria Løkke Rasmussen, is heading to beautiful Helsinki to take part in a UNESCO school meeting and learn how the Finnish school testing team presents the Teaching and Managing Controversial issues under the Nordic pilot test project of the Council of Europe manuals. Very exciting! […]
  • “Put Children’s Rights on the Agenda” mentioned in institute’s report on Greenland 
      The Danish Institute of Human Rights reports on their work in Greenland – including “Putting Children’s Rights on the Agenda”, which our director Maria Løkke Rasmussen had the pleasure of working on in cooperation with MIO, the Children’s Rights Institutions in Greenland: Report on DIHR’s work in Greenland[in Danish] […]
  • Strategic Planning Workshop for the New National Criminal Defender in Greenland
    Off to Nuuk. LEARN | RIGHT is excited to be facilitating a strategic planning workshop for the new national criminal defenders office. […]
  • EWC article on Utøya workshop
    The European Wergeland Centre just published an article about the Controversial Issues workshop at Utøya held for the five nordic test teams. LEARN I RIGHT took part in the workshop as observers as part of our engagement with the Nordic Council of Ministers who have asked us to evaluate the project. We are looking forward to follow the national activities being developed. Read the EWC article […]
  • Workshop on Teaching Controversial Issues at Utøya
    LEARN|RIGHT are on our way to Oslo and Utøya to observe a workshop in Teaching Controversial issues and Manage Controversiesdet held by the European Wergelands Centre (EWC) in Oslo and Utøya. The workshop is the beginning of a nordic pilot test of the teaching materials, developed by the Council of Europe and the project is carried out by EWC on behalf of Nordic Council of Ministers with the […]
  • Meeting with the European Wergeland Centre
    LEARN|RIGHT has been in Oslo these days to meet with the European Wergeland Center (EWC). At LEARN|RIGHT we are looking forward to follow EWCs pilot test of the Council of Europe material Teaching and mananaging controversial issues in five nordic countries and behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers to evaluate how it can be applied in a nordic context . […]
  • Facilitation of the semester introduction to the third semester of the New Judges Education
    LEARN|RIGHT is off to Nuuk to facilitate the initiation of the third semester of the second class at the new judges education in Greenland. We are looking forward to meeting old friends again! […]