Maria Løkke Rasmussen, Director and Senior Advisor, MA in Educational Studies and International Development Studies.

Maria has worked with social change processes and learning within a human rights framework since 1997. She has thorough field experience as consultant, advisor and project manager of Danish and international projects in the field and is a powerful facilitator, teacher and developer of education material.

Maria has worked intensively with and taught the Human Rights Based Approach as well as Human Rights Education.

Maria has local experiences from long engagements in Denmark, Greenland, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malawi, the Ukraine and shorter consultancies in Finland, Moldova, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Bhutan, Kuwait / Iraq.

Maria is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Marie Stein, Junior Advisor, Bachelor of Education and MA-student of Educational Sociology at Aarhus University. 

Marie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from University College Copenhagen majoring in Danish, Social Studies and History at primary and secondary school level. Marie has also studied phycology at the University of Copenhagen for a year. Marie is currently studying for a Master of Arts (Education) in Educational Sociology at Aarhus University in Copenhagen.

Throughout her education Marie has focussed on didactics, pedagogy and evaluation throughout her education. Marie has completed the specialization course called ‘Education in Human Rights’. The course is based on national and international research and development knowledge about education, democracy, and citizenship in a human rights context.

Marie has working experience with human rights-based education and teaching based on strengthening the students’ empowerment.

Marie is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Josephine, Student Assistant, MA-student of Educational Sociology at Aarhus University.

Josephine has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from University College Zealand and is currently studying for a Master in Social Work at Aarhus University in Copenhagen. Through her studies, she has especially concentrated on: social politics, communication and legal methods. During an exchange programme in the Netherlands, Josephine became acquainted with The Capability Approach, which is an interdisciplinary, normative and context oriented approach to human well-being and democratic processes.

In addition, Josephine has a keen interest in the human learning and transformational processes. Throughout her studies, she has worked as a volunteer counsellor and teacher  , and based on this experience, she has chosen to continue her studies in Social Work.

Josephine is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.