LEARN|RIGHT is specialized in advice, implementation and evaluation of education projects with human rights as both our goal and method. This means:

 That we use the standards, that the states are committed to through international, regional and national human rights instruments, as the goal for our work as well as the reports and recommendations that exist in the human rights monitoring systems in our context analysis;

 That we use the human rights principles as a guide for how we plan and implement educational projects as well as for the learning environment that we create and the teaching methods that we use; 

 That our work is based on a learning understanding where the learners must not only have knowledge of an area, but also must acquire the necessary skillsvalues and attitudes for them to act on the knowledge they gain.

 That our work is based on a pedagogy in which learners must learn not only about their rights, but through their rights in a learning environment and through learning methods that respect and support human rights so that the learners can act for their rights and respect and protect the rights of others