LEARN|RIGHT’s core values guide us in our planning as well ad in our choice of methods. Our values represent a wish to work in a fashion that is coherent with the human rights principles and values.

We believe that education projects and teaching should be learner-centered; it is the development of the learners that is the goal and we must take the learners as a starting point and include them as much as possible.
We therefore strive for that our educational projects and teaching…

… takes point of departure in the learners’ background, prerequisites, context and learning needs;
… is inclusive and motivating and activates the learners;
… involve the learners in setting goals as well as in the ongoing decisions and adjustments of activities.

Active participation and empowerment
We believe active participation is needed to conduct learner-centered education and that active participation contributes to ensure that learners build skills and become empowered to act on their and others part.
We therefore strive for that our education activities…

… actively engage learners in the development, implementation and evaluation;
… are practice-oriented and interactive enabling learners to apply it actively;
… strengthens the cooperation and exchange of experiences between the learners.

Mutual accountability
We vouch for our methods and take responsibility for following our activities to the end and work to anchor them structurally. We expect mutual accountability from partners and learners.
It means…

… we do what we say and say what we do and expect the same from our partners and learners;
… we use proven planning tools for projects and courses;
… we expect learners to participate actively and take responsibility for their own learning and the process of the education activity.