Children’s Rights in the Education Process – Methods for middle school teachers is a teaching material developed for teachers in the Belarusian upper secondary schools. Here the teachers can find knowledge, activities and planning tools to incorporate all principles of UNs Convention on the Rights of the Child in the learning environment and the form and contents of their classes across all subjects.

Children’s Rights in the Education Process is developed with inputs from Belarusian teachers and NGOs, while Put Children’s Rights on the Agenda created for Greenlandic primary schools served as inspiration.

The material is available in a Belarusian and Russian language version, and is developed on behalf of the Danish Institute for Human Rights, 2017, Maria Løkke Rasmussen, ISBN: 978-87-93241-90-9

The Belarusian department of education has decided, that the manual will be a part of the official Belarusian teaching materials in 2019.

Evguenia Klementieva, Programme Manager & Sigrid Kristiansen, Project Manager, The Danish Institute for Human Rights on LEARN|RIGHT:

LEARN|RIGHT has in close cooperation with The Danish Institute for Human Rights and our Belarusian partner organization developed an easy-to-use manual for teachers and pupils with interactive and engaging teaching methods in human rights. Maria Løkke Rasmussen was responsible for producing the outline of the tailored manual, facilitating the development workshop with Belarusian teachers on the manual, and finishing the final draft of the manual. Maria Løkke Rasmussen and LEARN|RIGHT presented a high-quality piece of work and we would be pleased to use LEARN|RIGHT’s services in the future.