Evaluation of Nordic Test of CoE materials

Evaluering af nordisk pilotprojekt/Evaluation of Nordic Pilot Project

LEARN|RIGHT conducted the evaluation of the Nordic Pilot: ‘Teaching Controversial Issues & Managing Controversy’ on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Our evaluation report contributed with:
· Results regarding the learning outcomes of the Nordic Pilot among the participants and their use of the manuals in their daily work
· Documentation of the spreading of the manuals
· Recommendations on future work with the manuals
Read the full evaluation report here

In 2017 LEARN|RIGHT conducted an evaluation of the Nordic Pilot project: Teaching Controversial Issues & Managing Controversy on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Our main task was to evaluate whether the two manuals, developed by the Council of Europe, which the pilot project tested, contributed to the strengthening of personal and professional abilities among the participating school leaders and teachers in regard to handling controversial issues and thereby their ability to create safe learning spaces and school environments.

The Pilot Project was carried out by the  European Wergelandscentre (EWC) in Norway, who selected and made the coordination amongst the five Nordic countries 13 test schools and experts, and carried out an introduction workshop in Oslo and Utøya and a final evaluation workshop.

Prior to the introduction workshop LEARN|RIGHT made a survey based on an online questionnaire amongst the participants from the 13 test schools, to clarify their experiences and learning needs.

We participated in the workshop to observe and interview the participants. Afterwards we collected the participants learning outcomes in a questionnarie

Finally we collected the participants experiences with testing the materials in their ownd practices through a final questionnaire and the end of project evaluation workshop in Oslo.

The results from the evaluation was gathered in a written report, which was presented in a meeting with the Nordic Council of Ministers DIS-network in Copenhagen in December 2017 by LEARN|RIGHTs director Maria Løkke Rasmussen. The evaluation report synthesized the participants learnings from the pilot project and manuals including which activities they had tested at their schools and how many people they had presented the manuals to. Moreover, the report included a number of recommendations to a future further roll-out og the manuals in the five nordic countries.

About the Nordic Pilot: ’Teaching controversial Issues & Managing Controversy

In 2017 The European Wergeland Centre lead a pilot programme for school leaders and teachers based on the manuals ‘Teaching Controversial Issues’ and ‘Managing Controversy’ from the Nordic Council of Ministers. The pilot was a part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ programme ‘Democracy, Inclusion and Security.The purpose of the pilot was to help school leaders and teachers to acknowledge the value of engaging young people in a democratic dialog about controversial issues as well as strengthening the confidence and competences among school leaders and teachers in regard to creating a democratic dialog about controversial issues as a part of their everyday work in the schools. School leaders and teachers from 13 schools in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden participated in May 2017 in a three-day workshop in Utøya and subsequently tested the manual activities at their respective schools. The Nordic Pilot was ended with an evaluation day in Oslo. The experiences from the pilot programme was collected in LEARN | RIGHT’s evaluation report.