LEARN|RIGHT presents new learning material at The People’s Meeting 2019

Last week LEARN|RIGHT participated in “The festival of democracy” as The People’s Meeting (Folkemødet) taking place on Bornholm, is also known as. The purpose with LEARN|RIGHT participation on Bornholm, was to present the new learning material Left out (Udenfor) and discuss the dilemmas in the movie Little terrorist (Lille terrorist) which LEARN|RIGHT assisted Amondo and Candofilm in developing.

The presentation took place at a workshop on The Danish association of teachers “rock-stage”, located next to Allinge Harbor. It was not completely coincidental that the launch of the material took place in this sunlit rock scenery: As it were teachers from Bornholm that participated in the development and testing of the teaching material: we quickly agreed that a launch of the material should take place on ‘The People’s Meeting’’ on Bornholm, Maria Løkke Rasmussen, CEO of LEARN|RIGHT expresses. She was also happy to notice that one of the teachers, despite a busy schedule, found time to contribute to the workshop, with her experiences with the test-run of the material. Also, amongst the participants was Lene Poulsen, from the municipality of Bornholm, who was the coordinator of the participating test-schools.

The materials was well received by the attendants of the workshop, who saw and debated the movie and tried multiple exercises from the material. There was a broad consensus amongst the participants that the material seemed very inspirational and the printed copies were quickly snapped up. The two facilitators of the workshop Mette Wybrandt from Amondo and Maria Løkke Rasmussen from LEARN|RIGHT were very pleased with the day and conference over all: It is certainly not the last time we are participating in the conference of the people! they expressed unanimously.

The learning material Left out gives the teachers from the 6th to the 10th grade an opportunity to team up with their students and work interdisciplinary on democratic development. This with a point of departure in the three values, trust, equality and freedom. The material consists of the movie Little terrorist and 20 interactive exercises, that are very straight forward and can be combined in a variety of classes per example, history, religion, social studies, complementary teaching and in the general, work with welfare in the classes.

LEARN|RIGHT has contributed since the Spring of 2018, both in the development and test-phase of the teaching material. The material can be accessed for free at learnright.dk under publications or www.udenfor.info

The criminal defender education has jump-started!

On January the 19th a whole new class began the Greenlandic criminal defender education and LEARN|RIGHT had the pleasure of greeting them in Nuuk along side with The National Criminal Defender of Greenland.

It has been 10 years since the last criminal defender education took place and there has been a high demand for more criminal defenders to cover the criminal cases in this country and its huge acreage for a long time.

A unique education
The criminal defender education is something very distinctive greenlandic as the defenders as well as judges and prosecutors on circuit-court-level does not have a degree in law but are common citizens with a special education adjusted for the greenlandic system. When it comes to the criminal defenders, they often practise criminal defence as a job along side their main profession.

The criminal defender education therefor has to be tailored to educate non-lawyers to carry out the best interest of their clients in the criminal cases whilst having to complete their education and keep their main profession. LEARN|RIGHT is very proud to be able to participate in the development of the education with the aim of making the education even better to contain its special demands.

New initiatives: Curriculum and e-learning
As something brand new there has been reached an agreement on the curriculum for the education which outlines what the candidates have to learn and describes the frame and form of the education. LEARN|RIGHT have contributed to the first draft to the curriculum and the final version was issued by the ministry of justice in 2019.

Another new part of the education that will be conducted this time is ‘blended learning’ with partially 5 courses with attendance and partially e-learning in the intermediate periods between the courses.

“It provides the necessary flexibility so the candidates can complete the education along their main profession or studies” says CEO of LEARN|RIGHT Maria Løkke Rasmussen and continuous: “and it is maybe even more beneficial that ‘flipped learning’ can be used so the candidates can be taught the heavy subjects through e-learning before the courses and then use the time at the courses for activities where they try it out in practise sceneries and learn how to have client conversations, testimonies, courtroom games and prosecutions.

Finally there is also a practise periode between the educations first and second semester where the candidates have to complete 10 cases under supervision and guidance from the The National Criminal Defender of Greenland. The duration of the educationi 1 year, they also have to complete a stoptest after the introductory course and conclusive a final exam.

“It is great to be able to bring the education further” Maria says, she has worked with the criminal defender educaction since 2007 where she was posted to help the greenlandic high-court with the education. “I am pleased that we with the curriculum and e-learning have made the framework and are developing the online knowledge portal for the criminal defenders, so we have the groundwork we can use and keep building on top of many years to come.”

A new online learning platform for the criminal defender education launched

From now on will the participants enrolled in the Greenlandic criminal defender education have an online learning platform to support their education.

Lately LEARN | RIGHT have been busy with the development of the new online learning platform on behalf of the Greenlandic National Crime Defender. The site is now ready for the new candidates on the criminal defender apprenticeship education. These candidates will be the first to use the learning platform.

Marie Stein, who have been one of LEARN | RIGHT’s developers of the learning platform, explains that the learning platform will serve as a virtual classroom, where the candidates in any of the criminal defender educations can find relevant information, communicate with other candidates as well as the team behind the education and they will be able to complete assignments and activities on the platform throughout their education. “In that way the learning platform serves as a support for the candidates before, during and after attending a curse”, says Marie.

Director of LEARN | RIGHT, Maria Løkke Rasmussen, who is pedagogical consultant for the National Criminal Defender, views new possibilities with the implementation of the learning platform: “Now we can help the National Criminal Defender to be able to offer blended learning, as the education can switch between attendance and e-learning. This gives us an opportunity to provide more teaching than before and a more explicit coherence and support throughout a longer education, which the candidates complete parallel with their primary occupation.”

Maria predicts possibilities for future development of the use of the platform: “We have an ambition to expand the platform gradually to offer theme-based reference material, tips and activities that every criminal defender can use continually as a support in their work. It would be a great help for the criminal defenders, that are widespread over the cost of Greenland, and who only have a few cases a year. The platform could be a support alongside the criminal defender hotline”.

The online learning platform is developed in Moodle, which is a free tool that is used all over the world, including many universities.

Advise on teaching material on trust, tolerance and freedom

LEARN | RIGHT has since the spring of 2018 been a sparring partner to the firm Amondo in regard to the development of a teaching material about three values from the Danmarkskanon; trust, tolerance and freedom. Last week LEARN | RIGHT went to Bornholm with Amondo to test the material including an educational movie with a group of elementary teachers, who subsequently will try out the materials in their schools.

The director of LEARN | RIGHT, Maria Løkke Ramsussen, says about the day: “It is always exciting to work together with Mette [Wybrandt, Amondo’s director], especially when it is with such a committed group of test-teachers as the ones in Bornholm. I think, that we really got some great inputs and ideas, that we will take in consideration when finalizing the material”

Furthermore, Maria says, that she is looking forward to the continued cooperation with Amondo and to contribute to securing the human rights approach in working with the values at hand.

Presentation in The Ministry of Education on evaluation of ‘Teaching controversial issues’

A hectic week columnated yesterday, when LEARN | RIGHT presented the results and recommendations from our evolution of the Nordic pilot programme ‘Teaching controversial issues’ at the Ministry of Education’s development days.

We conducted the evaluation last year on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the Danish Ministry of Education participated in the project and has integrated the method in their democracy and civic education driven by the Board of Education and Quality.

Maria Løkke Rasmussen, director of LEARN | RIGHT says about the presentation, that it was a good opportunity to present the recommendations from the evaluation and especially a great opportunity to highlight that one should view teaching controversial issues as a part of a broader human rights and democracy education.

“It is not that mysterious to teach controversial issues. It builds on the principles of teaching methods and learning environment, that we already know from teaching human rights and democracy, says Maria and adds “we have to remember, that we already have the framework and guidelines from among others the international instruments and especially from the Un Declaration and the European Council Charter. We can also find lots of well-tested teaching materials and planning tools, from which we can find inspiration to our teaching controversial issues”.

Evaluation workshop on the Greenlandic judge education

The director of LEARN | RIGHT, Maria Løkke Rasmussen, is travelling to Nuuk facilitate a to-day evaluation workshop on the Greenlandic judge education with participation from the newly graduated candidates and the courts management.

The workshop is a part of a evaluation of the judge education, which LEARN | RIGHT is conducting on behalf of the Courts of Greenland.

Maria explains, that the purpose of the workshop is to gather information and evaluate on the content, structure and organization of the education as well as getting the participants inputs on how to organize the best possible Greenlandic judge education in the future: “I’m looking forward to seeing all the candidates and court’s management again and to hear their feedback on the education and good ideas about what to bring with us to the judge education next year and what to do differently.”

The evaluation report including a draft on a revised curriculum, course descriptions etc. is expected to be completed by fall 2018.

Congratulations to the graduated judge candidates

Pia Hjort Andersen, Sikkerninnguaq Hard Lorentzen and Medea Olsen. Foto: Vilhelm Lynge Hard

LEARN | RIGHT congratulates the three judge candidates that received their diplomas at a graduation ceremony in Nuuk on the 20th of April.

The candidates have passed their final exams of the specially organized 2-year judge education in Greenland to which LEARN | RIGHT has provided pedagogical counselling to the Courts of Greenland since 2016 in regard to development, execution, teaching methods and evaluation etc.

The director and senior adviser of LEARN | RIGHT, Maria Løkke Rasmussen, says that everybody has made an extra effort;
“It has been an honor for me to follow the hardworking judge candidates, who alongside their attendance in class also have processed cases as a part of their education. The candidates have worked really hard, and so have all the involved from the Courts of Greenland and all the excellent teachers. There has been a massive joint effort.”

LEARN | RIGHT was not able to participate in the diploma ceremony in Nuuk, but we wish the three candidates a big congratulations on their completion of the education and we are looking forward to following them on their new journey.

The first curriculum for The Criminal Defenders Education in Greenland on the way

For the first time The Criminal Defenders Education in Greenland has a curriculum to guide the education of new criminal defenders as well as the continuing training of the existing criminal defenders. The criminal defenders in Greenland does not have an education in law, but since the adaptation of the new procedural law in 2010, the criminal defenders have been required to participate in courses designed especially for them. Until now, however, without the support of a curriculum.

The curriculum ensures a clear structure for the education and transparency between the theoretical and practical elements of the education”, states Maria Løkke Rasmussen, the director of LEARN | RIGHT, who has developed the curriculum in cooperation with the National Criminal Defender of Greenland, “and the use of learning objectives as well as the use of active learning methods will be the focal points of the education.”

The curriculum comes in the wake of the Ministry of Justice’s statutory instrument on the criminal defenders education in 2016 and the appointment of the first National Criminal Defender in Greenland in April 2017. It has been a long process.
It has been especially exciting for me to get the opportunity to be a part of the development of the curriculum”, says Maria Løkke Rasmussen, and continues; “I have assisted with the development of the Criminal Defenders Education in 2007, where I was stationed in The High Court of Greenland, and held the first courses. It is wonderful, that we can now take a step further.
LEARN | RIGHT is currently cooperating with The National Criminal Defender in the development of detailed course descriptions for the four modules of the education. We will also facilitate the courses when they are held, which is expected to be in late 2018 and early 2019.

Read the full curriculum here (Danish only):
Curriculum for The Criminal Defenders Education

Evaluation report on The Nordic Pilot: Teaching Controversial Issues

In December LEARN | RIGHT presented our evaluation of The Nordic Pilot: Teaching Controversial Issues & Managing Controversy to The Nordic Council of Ministers network on Democracy, Inclusion and Security.

In the evaluation we conclude, that the pilot project had indeed contributed to the strengthening of the test school leaders’ & teachers’ personal and professional skills to handle controversial issues.

Within the extremely short time frame of the project period the school leaders and teachers at the 13 test schools in the five Nordic countries had introduced more than 1100 people to how to work with controversial issues in primary and secondary schools and teacher training.

However, the evaluation also showed that the test school leaders and teachers were hesitant to explore and apply the manuals on their own, and almost only used activities they had already tried in Oslo/Utøya.

Thereto, test school leaders and teachers indicate, that they felt less strong in applying controversial issues in their teaching and managing practice and the evaluation shows, that only few at the time of the evaluation, had applied the approach with their own pupils & students and in the additional school planning and management.

Read the full report here:
Evaluation report on Nordic Pilot: Teaching Controversial Issues & Managing Controversy