My name is Maria Løkke Rasmussen.

I have worked nationally and internationally with human rights, education and development for 20+ years. My expertise includes HRBA, human rights education and institutional capacity building of civil society organisations, government institutions including NHRIs and Ombudsmen, as well as the judicial and education sectors.

In 2016 I founded LEARN|RIGHT to contribute to strengthening people’s agency in a democratic society based on human rights through capacity building and learning processes.

I hold a master’s degree in Pedagogy and International Development Studies and prior to the establishment of LEARN|RIGHT, I spent 17 inspiring years at the Danish Institute for Human Rights as Senior Education Advisor and Project Manager with partnership projects in Denmark, Europe, Asia, Central Asia and Africa. If necessary, I collaborate with other specialists from my wide network to solve the individual task.

I look forward to working with you and your institution!

Maria Løkke Rasmussen
Director & Senior Advisor