Manual in Children’s Rights for Belarus

On behalf of the Danish Institute for Human Rights, LEARN|RIGHT has developed a manual for planning and teaching about, through and for children’s rights in the Belarusian high school.

In close collaboration with the Institute for Human Rights experts in Belarus and their partner NGO in the country, LEARN|RIGHT has researched the cultural, human rights and educational context in Belarus, in order to adapt the manual to Belarusian teachers and students.

In addition, the manual is based on a participatory approach, involving 10 Belarusian teachers who contributed with their knowledge and experience to the development of the manual. Among other things, they participated in a two-day workshop in Vilnius, where a first draft of the manual was presented and tested and where the teachers, shared their experiences of how to secure the space for child rights education when the school’s main focus is on the classic majors as language and mathematics, as in most countries. Finally, they contributed with input to activities, illustrations, relevant examples, etc.

The manual is based on a well-proven concept, with easily accessible and useful planning tools for the teacher and interactive and participant-oriented class activities, structured according to the main principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The author has previously used this model in other of the Institute’s manuals.

The project ran over approximate one year, from the formulation of the project, until the manual was ready from print. The manual was subsequently officially recognised by the Belarusian Ministry of Education.

Read more and download the manual here