My Friend with Disability is a teaching manual on well-being, diversity, equality, co-determination and participation. 

The material is published by The Danish Disability Counsel, which is an independent council under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Senior Citizens. The council aim to combat stereotypes, prejudices and harmful practices, and to give all people with disabilities equal opportunities to live an independent life, unleash their potential, pursue their dreams, and contribute to society and the community. 

The teaching manual is part of the campaign “My Friend with Disability” (2021), which also consists of three films about friendships between children with and without disabilities. The teaching material offers a number of courses with activities and is for children in 5th – 7th grade as well as their teachers, pedagogues and parents.

The material is only available in danish and can be downloaded for free below or at, where the clips are also to be found.

Min ven med handicap/My Friend with Disability