Outside is an interdisciplinary teaching material on freedom, trust and freedom in a multicultural and diverse schoolyard.

The teaching material provides the teachers who teaches 6th – 10th grade an opportunity to team up with their students and work interdisciplinary on democratic development. This with a point of departure in the three values, trust, equality and freedom. The material consists of the movie Little terrorist and 20 interactive exercises, that are very straight forward and can be combined in a variety of classes per example, history, religion, social studies, complementary teaching and in the general, work with welfare in the classes.

LEARN|RIGHT has contributed since the Spring of 2018, both in the development and test-phase of the teaching material. The material is only available in danish and can be downloaded for free below or at www.udenfor.info

Presentation of the material at Folkemødet 2019
In 2019 Maria Løkke Rasmussen from LEARN|RIGHT together with Mette Wybrandt from Amondo toiok part in the “People’s Meeting” (Folkemødet) at the Danish Island Bornholm to present the teaching material “Outside” and the short film Little terrorist. The presentation took place at a workshop on The Danish association of teachers “rock-stage”, located next to Allinge Harbor. It was not completely coincidental that the launch of the material took place at this sunlit rock island scenery: As it were teachers from Bornholm that participated in the development and testing of the teaching material. The materials was well received by the attendants of the workshop, who saw and debated the movie and tried multiple exercises from the material. There was a broad consensus amongst the participants that the material seemed very inspirational and the printed copies were quickly snapped up.